Inspect Liquid-Filled Pipes with Confidence

Ensuring the integrity of liquid-filled pipes has never been more critical for improving operational reliability and reducing financial risks.

Our sonar inspection system offers industry intelligent, state-of-the-art technology to safely and accurately identify the profile of liquid-filled pipes, while saving customers time and money.

We combine sonar and closed circuit television with highly trained field service technicians to assess the condition of the pipes and provide you useful, accurate sonar data, along with recommendations to prevent failures and help ensure continuous service.

With the AIMS sonar inspection service, you’ll receive accurate and reliable data combined with a safe, efficient alternative to manual excavation and inspection.

Best Used For
Fully submerged pipes or siphons
Situations where bypass pumping is impractical
Quantifying debris or sediment in a line
Identifying major structural anomalies
Pipes 18 inches or larger