Cleaning and inspecting mainline and lateral pipelines

Hydro-vacuuming is used in conjunction with CCTV inspection services to clear the interior of pipelines allowing our camera to easily move through the pipeline. High-pressure water is jetted into the pipe to remove buildup and debris. The resulting sludge is then vacuumed out of the pipe and disposed of according to EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) standards.

AIMS can clean pipelines from 2” to 72” in diameter, offering potential and current customers the ability to clean and inspect with one service provider. This allows us to offer these services at a combined rate, eliminating additional service fees. And with AIMS’ on-call staff, we can quickly assess and remove system backups caused by extreme weather.

Best used for:
• Preventative maintenance to keep drains flowing
• Clearing pipeline clogs
• Projects with time or access constraints such as traffic management
• Elimination of airborne contaminates or runoff
• No abrasive or corrosive chemicals used in the cleaning process
• Our full-trained operators are available for routine maintenance or emergency cleaning 24/7