Quick Removal of Wastes and Debris

AIMS offers to the western United States a fleet of over 25 state-of-the-art wet/dry vacuum units operated by experienced and certified personnel. All vacuum units are equipped with GPS tracking units to provide real-time updates and billing support documentation. Each unit is staffed, equipped, and strategically located with all necessary supplies to support the environmental demands throughout the industry. Our standard wet/dry vacuum units utilize a 27" PD blower and an 18 cubic yard debris tank.

Metal chips, slag, steel shot, wood chips, sawdust, grain, mill scale, slurries, sludge and water are just some of the materials that can be removed quickly and efficiently using wet/dry vacuuming.

Safety and customer satisfaction are top priorities for AIMS. Vacuum waste removal eliminates unnecessary downtime, risks, and property damage for you and your project. Our qualified technicians employ a standard methodology to ensure fast, efficient service with as little disruption as possible.

Commonly Used For
Removing fly ash
Pit and sump cleanouts
Removing catch basin sediment and small objects
Removing water
Bag house cleaning