Safely Remove & Transfer Soil

AIMS utilizes hydro-excavation techniques as a safe and non-destructive alternative to conventional methods of hard digging. Our qualified and competent operators, matched with our state-of-the-art equipment will help improve productivity and safety.

Our systems use pressurized water and vacuum technology to quickly and safely excavate in attempt to expose underground pipelines, utilities, and electrical systems for future work, while transferring soil or debris to a tank.

Equally important is safety – using hot or cold pressurized water to excavate and expose buried utilities such as gas, electrical, or phone services significantly reduces the risk of damage.

Hydro-Excavation Benefits
• Offers efficient and accurate results
• Provides for better damage and safety control when compared with mechanical methods
• Limits accidents and injuries for laborers and others on the job site
• Prevents damage to underground pipes, lines and cables, leading to fewer repairs and lower costs

Best Used For
Line, sign, and pole installation and location
Potholing or daylighting
Pipe and sewer rehabilitation