Leaving a smooth, chemical-free surface for paint or coatings

Best used for:
• Improved bonding of paints or coatings to the finished surface
• Faster cleaning – cleans a surface in half the time of traditional hand-scrapping or chemical cleaning
• Reusable media – media can be used multiple times making it cost effective for both customers and AIMS
• Multiple media options including dry ice, glass beads, steel grit means AIMS can blast any surface
• Safe for the environment – no harsh chemicals are used in media blasting

Abrasive blasting combines both a cleaning and finishing action for superior surface preparation. Used most frequently with Coatings or Liners, media blasting removes rust or other surface containments leaving a clean finish for high performance bonding.

Media Blasting is also used to remove rust, old paint, or other surface coverings so repairs can be made on the crude metal.