Effective Protection for Surfaces & Interiors

AIMS uses the best coatings and liner systems in the industry to provide exceptional coverage and long-lasting results. You can rely on our team of industry specialists to provide the right solution for the long-term sustainability of your specific project.

Our high-performance industrial coatings are designed for a range of applications from superior abrasion, chemical and corrosion resistance to interior lining systems.

In addition to our coating and liner systems, AIMS cleans and preps all surfaces using our specialized equipment to enhance effectiveness and durability of all surfaces and interiors.

Our industrial coating and lining services meet the needs of many demanding industrial applications, and we are ready to help you find the best solution for lasting results.

Protects against rust, oxidation, and corrosion
Minimizes friction
Protects from chemicals
Simplifies cleanup and provides nonstick properties
Waterproofs surfaces